Father’s Day is this Sunday! Surveys show we tend to spend about 15% less on dad for Father’s Day, than we spend on mom each Mother’s Day. It’s not like we love them 15% less… To make sure dad feels all the love this year, Jennifer Sloan is here with some great gift ideas you can still get in plenty of time to spoil your hero.

Colorado-based Christy Sports is the go-to spot for anything outdoors. Jenn chose a few of the items that are really popular with guys and dads. They carry the very best brands that are curated for our weather and adventures. A great technical backpack for day trips. lightweight hiking provide support on long or short trails, a new headlamp – rechargeable with a USB port. If your guy likes to do backcountry or go off-grid a little, this Garmin satellite communicator would be a great gift. 2 way messaging, tracking and SOS capability. Another gadget any dad can use is a great multi-tool. A must for keeping in any hiking, biking or camping kit or any quick fixes or tune-ups on the go. Then of course they have some great clothing. Trail shoes, a nice lightweight and great looking shirts and shorts with UPF built-in. So many men struggle with skin cancer later in life- so a great hat for dad is key. I’m also really excited to share that Christy Sports now offers hiking and biking rental packages at their mountain locations. So if you’re in the mountains with dad this weekend and want treat him to a hike or bike ride. Head to Christy Sports and you can just rent bikes or gear for the day! You can shop or rent gear in-store or online at christysports.com.

If dad is into gadgets, Cabeau is a comfort brand. They make the best travel pillow. It has raised sides so your head doesn’t topple and it can strap to the back of any seat to keep your head from falling forward. So many dads are working from home now and many complain about back pain. So they’ve just recently created this lumbar support called the IncrediBelt. Unlike a lot of those devices designed to relieve back pain, this one can either go around his waist, or around a chair so he can move it exactly where he needs the support and it inflates / deflates with the touch of a button so he can create the exact level of support he wants. You can find the Evolution Neck Pillow and the IncrediBelt at Cabeau.com or on Amazon.com.

Another way to make dad feel his best – is with the world’s most comfortable shoes from Naot. For the dad who works from home, a good pair of slippers is a must. And these are like walking on a cloud. They also have these incredibly comfortable and great looking sneakers and sandals, perfect for dads that love to travel, you can walk for miles in these. Clogs are also really popular right now and these are hand made with the highest quality materials. Find them at Naot.com on Amazon.com or locally at Dardanos.

And finally! This a really cool and fun idea from Bartesian. A home cocktail machine to make your own premium cocktails on demand. It is so incredibly easy. You fill these glass bottles with liquors, then just pop one of their cocktail capsules in the machine, choose the strength you want and press ‘mix’. Could not be easier! The cocktail mixes are created by master mixologists and delicious. You can get the Bartesian with prime delivery on Amazon and also at Bartesian.com.