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DENVER — A laser skincare company has suddenly closed its doors nationwide, leaving many customers wondering if they’ll receive refunds for hundreds of dollars in lost services.

American Laser Skincare notified employees that they were closing on Friday, and within hours all 130+ offices nationwide went dark.

There were five American Laser Skincare locations in the Denver metro area. Throughout the week, unsuspecting customers have been showing up for appointments only to find closed signs taped to the doors. On Thursday, FOX1 Denver also found a notice on the door of the Lakewood office, indicating the company hadn’t paid rent for two months, owing more than $6,000.

“I was just like, ‘Really? It’s closed?” said Alisyn Bukowski, a customer for more than four years. “What is going on here?”

In late October, Bukowski prepaid more than $1,200 for services at the Lakewood office, but when she arrived on Monday for her first appointment, the door was locked and there was a handwritten sign saying they were closed.

Bukowski later found a short statement on the company’s website, which blamed the economy. The statement also said, “If you are a client with a treatment package that has not yet been completed, we are taking steps to try to find alternative providers for you as quickly as possible.”

“I’ve emailed them, I’ve called them, there’s no response,” Bukowski said. “I don’t think that they really are trying to commit to find providers as quick as possible.”

A visit to the American Laser Skincare Facebook page doesn’t even mention the closings, despite numerous complaints from customers. The company did post on the page on the day they closed, but it was an advertisement for black Friday discounts.

“They’re still running specials it looks like,” Bukowski said. “That’s just absurd.”

Bukowski is now working through her bank to try to recover her payment.

“They said there is still no guarantee that I’ll get my money back because if they have closed their bank accounts, or have frozen assets, that it might be more difficult,” Bukowski said.

With rent overdue in Lakewood, Bukowski isn’t holding out much hope.

“I think that they felt like they were going bankrupt, so why should they have to fulfill anything?” she said.

Though American Laser Skincare has offered very little information to customers so far, the company asked for patience and vows to offer updates on its website.