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DENVER — A new trend in holiday lights is making it easier to decorate your house, but it could also pose a huge safety risk.

Matt Glassman proclaims himself as a “Clark Griswold” of Aurora. He used to deck his house out with Christmas light every year. Since having a son, he doesn’t have as much time to do that anymore. So, this year he opted for a Star Shower Laser Light.

“Yeah, this was a piece of cake,” Glassman told FOX31.

The light projects hundreds of red and green speckles onto the outside of your house with a single spotlight. They are available at most stores that sell Christmas lights this holiday season.

“It’s a great idea, but there are unintended consequences that nobody really has planned for,” said aviation safety expert Steve Cowell.

The veteran pilot says lasers may look great on the ground, but not in the sky.

“It poses a danger to aircraft that are maybe on approach or on a departure from an airport,” Cowell said.

When a laser hits glass, it spreads the light out over the surface. The glare can make it impossible for pilots to see.

“If you’ve got a laser light shining up at you it destroys your night vision and therefore puts you and your passengers in jeopardy,” explained Cowell.

If a homeowners laser light display shines into an aircraft, there can be fines and other consequences. Cowell says homes that are away from airports pose a smaller risk. If you live close to an airport, however, it is best to stick to the old fashioned string lights.​