Coloradoans are getting ready to hit the road for Thanksgiving travel, and Triple-A tells us more people are expected to hit the road this year than last.

Here are the steps you need to take to make sure you’re safe on the road this holiday season. Wes Boling, Senior Communications Manager of Nokian Tyres, share some helpful tips when it comes to preparing our car for the snow.

Some of the most important tire safety tips this holiday include:

  • Making sure your tires are fully inflated, especially if you’re traveling to higher altitudes
  • Check your tread depth to make sure you don’t need new tires
  • Look for a snowflake emblem on the side of your tires; if you don’t see one, your tires aren’t approved for driving in winter

Did you know that all-season tires aren’t actually meant for driving in all season? Wes says that they aren’t designed for temperature below 45 degrees. His tip is to look at the tread pattern on this all-season tire. It’s built to handle rain and to last a long time. But compare it to this tire that has the three-peak mountain snowflake. The outside of the tire looks similar. But the inside has snow claws that are meant to carve through snow and slush…and the tire’s compound is softer, so it maintains grip in cold temperatures, unlike an all-season tire.

Nokian Tyres is currently running a campaign to tell drivers to keep drivers driving and safe on the road. Follow @I70Things on Instagram and show your pictures of the things that are holding up I-70. Tag @NokianTyresNA with the hashtag #KeepI70Moving, and you’ll be entered to win a set of all-weather or winter tires.