Keeping your kids safe as you purchase those holiday toys


As we’re all busy shopping for the perfect present this holiday season, experts want you to be mindful of our kids safety. Melanie Wuzzardo, Injury Prevention Manager at Swedish Medical Center says to be cautious when we’re out purchasing those toys, scooters and bikes.

Wuzzardo says that when you are purchasing those new bikes or scooters, make sure to buy the right helmet. Bike helmets are different from multi-sport helmets. Bike helmets are designed to protect your skull from a single major impact and once the helmet has sustained an impact, it should be replaced. Multi-sport helmets are designed for multiple low impacts and can withstand a major impact as well, but will need regular replacement. Multi-sport helmets also have coverage on the back of the head for potential backwards fall, while bike helmets do not typically cover the back of the head because bikers do not typically fall backwards.

When it comes to small toys, think large. A good practice is that any toy or toy parts that come with the toy are larger than your child’s mouth. This prevents chocking.

When it comes to toys with magnets and or batteries, consider the potential dangers when it’s ingested. When a magnet or battery is ingested, this may cause serious injury or death.

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