Keep your phone germ free


Did you know that you can get sick from your mobile device? Cole Hammer with At&t shares with us some tips on how to keep your cell phone germ free.

1. It may sound like basic common sense, but we are all washing our hands more often. We should be washing our phones more often as well. I wash mine every time I return home after taking it out in public.

· Take the case off and wash it with soap and water.
· Samsung UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging
· You can even use a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

2. Don’t share your smartphone with someone else unless it’s an emergency.

· Don’t hand it over to share pictures
· Or give it to someone to add their number
· Tell teens not to pass phones around to friends
· Parents shouldn’t let toddlers or kids play with their phones

3. Use a hands-free device for taking calls.

· Earbuds or headset Touchless key – Push touchscreen buttons without directly touching them.

4. Think about purchasing some Anti-bacterial Accessories: These anti-bacterial accessories can help keep devices extra protected.

· Speck’s antimicrobial phone case – Reduces 99% of surface bacteria, plus it’s more durable than many other phone cases.
· BodyGlove Touchless Anti-bacterial key – Kills 99.9%of bacteria and minimizes direct contact with publicly touched surfaces such as pin pads and door handles.

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