Did you know that only 5% of cats and 20% of dogs get home once they go missing? PetHub – the first networked database and digital ID tag for pets and pet parents in the US – has a partnership with Denver Animal Shelter to provide a custom identification tag and license program tailored to meet the needs of the Denver pet community.

PetHub’s digital ID tags replace traditional stamped metal tags used by the Denver Animal Shelter. Organizations using PetHub’s digital ID tags have seen increased compliance with identification programs (such as pet licensing and rabies tags), decreased entry of lost pets into shelters and are also eligible for PetHub’s Shelter Share Program

The QR tags offer the following benefits: 
·  Reliable and secure technology that gets pets home safely while protecting a user’s info. If a pet goes missing, PetHub will alert all shelters within a 50 mile radius to be on the lookout. 
·  GPS tracking – a scan of a pet’s tag will provide GPS data from the scanner’s phone.
·  A QR code and a web address link to a free custom profile to ensure a quick and easy return home. Users can keep all of their pet’s medical history in one place and share only what they make public when scanned.
·  An alert for the pet’s “safety circle” via SMS or email when a pet is found.
·  A toll free 24/7 Lost & Found Pet Hotline number.

Denver Animal Shelter/Denver Animal Protection rolled out its new pet license program with PetHub in April 2021. Tags can be purchased online or in person at 1241 W. Bayaud Ave.