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LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) – Karen Garner’s daughter and daughter-in-law joined the family’s attorney Wednesday in calling for more charges against the officers in her arrest.

The district attorney announced charges against two of the officers in Garner’s arrest, Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali. Among other charges, Hopp is accused of felony assault for hurting Garner during the arrest, and Jalali is accused of failing to report the excessive force.

“I feel like these are pretty minimal crimes that that they put against them,” Garner’s daughter, Alissa Swartz, said, fighting back tears. “It feels like they’re hiding behind this department. I feel like they think they’re above the law. And they’re the ones who are supposed to be protecting all of us.”

“It’s not good enough,” said Sarah Schielke, an attorney for the family. Schielke and the family said they want the officers to face more serious charges, including those related to Garner’s status as an at-risk person with dementia.

Hopp also faces counts of attempting to influence a public servant and official misconduct. Jalali’s charges, all misdemeanors, also include counts of peace officer failing to intervene and official misconduct.

For the first time since the arrest, Garner’s family spoke publicly about how the mother of three and grandmother of nine is doing.

“She’s just really scared and traumatized,” said Shannon Steward, Garner’s daughter-in-law. “Instead of embracing us because we are her loved ones, she pushes us away. Instead of reaching out to touch us, she just pulls away.”

Hopp and Jalali have since resigned from the department. Others involved in the incident have not been charged, including their supervisor, Sgt. Philip Metzler, who is now on administrative leave.

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