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DENVER — A federal judge demands answers and action for the way two Denver police officers are accused of handling an internal affairs investigation.

The judge wants a federal investigation into whether the officers committed crimes by tampering with witnesses.

Federal Judge John Kane says the Denver police officers’ internal affairs investigation “smacks of a sham.” He wants to release, possibly as early as Thursday, previously sealed videotapes in the case that reveal just what the officers did.

Civil rights attorney David Lane says he’s never seen anything like this. “This is a very rare event. I’ve never seen it happen before.”

The judge wants the FBI to investigate two Denver officers who he believes tried to tamper with witnesses in a civil lawsuit against a Denver sheriff’s deputy.

Former inmate Jamal Hunter claims the deputy facilitated and then looked the other way while he was brutally attacked in his jail cell.

Judge Kane wants federal prosecutors to look into whether the Denver police internal affairs officers broke the law when they interviewed another inmate, Amos Page … a key witness in the civil lawsuit.

In an exclusive interview with FOX31 DENVER, Police Chief Robert White says he welcomes any investigation into his officers’ actions because he believe it will prove they did not do anything wrong. “I feel very comfortable in saying I don’t think there’s any improprieties on the part of our investigators as it relates to this particular incident.”

Late Wednesday afternoon, the city of Denver filed a motion asking Judge Kane to keep the videotapes and other evidence in the case secret.