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DENVER — A federal judge has unsealed documents alleging officers intimidated witnesses to a brutal jailhouse attack and federal prosecutors will investigate the practices of the Denver Police and Sheriff’s Department.

The documents paint a very disturbing picture with allegation of a Denver Jail pod out of a control, where a sheriff’s deputy orders inmates to assault each other.

A federal investigation will soon be underway because of Jamal Hunter, a former inmate who claims a deputy facilitated and then looked the other way while he was brutually attacked in his jail cell.

A federal judge wants the U.S. Attorney’s Office to look into whether Denver Police internal affairs officers broke the law when they interviewed Amos Page, another inmate who is a key witness in a civil lawsuit.

“What Judge Kane saw were tapes of Denver Police officers trying to intimidate a witness who was going to testify against the Denver sheriffs,” attorney David Lang said.

In an affidavit just unsealed, Page says the deputy at the center of the investigation “let me run the pod.”

“I would joke with him about being drunk on his shift,” he says. He “would allow me to give other inmates violations such as 50 punches to the chin.”

In the jail cell beating of Hunter, Amos says, “I observed the burning and beating of Jamal Hunter. He had been knocked out four to five times. Hunter was screaming the entire time he was conscious.”

Court documents also reveal DPD investigators warned Page that if he testified in Hunter’s civil suit, he could be implicating himself in a crime.

Police Chief Robert White says he welcomes the investigation.

“I feel very comfortable in saying I don’t think there’s any improprieties on the part of our investigators as it relates to this particular incident,” he said.

The chief says it’s not unusual for the police department to investigate complaints at the sheriff’s department. The deputy invovled in the civil lawuit denies all allegations against him.