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WELD COUNTY, Colo. — Tom Fallis appeared in a Weld County courtroom Wednesday as his defense team tried to compel a FOX31 Denver reporter to reveal confidential sources.

Fallis is accused of killing his wife, Ashley, at their home in Evans in 2012. He was arrested at his home in Indiana in 2014 just a few hours after a secret grand jury indicted him for the murder of Ashley Fallis.

Last month, Tom Fallis’ defense team subpoenaed FOX31 Denver reporter Justin Joseph to try to get to the bottom of how he knew about the arrest and to find out if someone broke grand jury rules to tell him.

“Their argument was they needed Mr. Joseph’s testimony to establish whether or not that had occurred,” FOX31 Denver lawyer Steve Zansberg said.

He fought the subpoena arguing Colorado’s press shield law protects Joseph from testifying.

“That statute protects reporters from becoming involved in cases they’re covering all the time and provided and allows them to do their job and report information to the public.”

Zansberg said the Fallis case is a perfect example of the law’s importance. Fallis, a former Weld County corrections officer, avoided criminal liability for his wife’s death for years.

Joseph’s reporting reopened the case and his sources have since said at least one Weld County deputy heard Fallis allegedly confess but never told anyone.

“That’s the public interest that would afford journalists the privilege,” Zansberg said.

After a vigorous FOX31 Denver fight, Judge Thomas Quammen quashed Joseph’s subpoena, rejecting Fallis’ attempt to force him to reveal his sources. Zansberg said the court’s focus remains on whether Fallis killed his wife and he called the defense’s efforts nothing more than a side show.

The court scheduled an October arraignment date for Tom Fallis. He is expected to enter a plea of not guilty in his wife’s death at that time.

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