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Musician John Mayer has millions of Instagram followers, and on Wednesday, the singer posted an ode to Grand Junction toffee company, Enstrom Candies.

In the Instagram video, Mayer sings about eating a piece of the candy with the plan to “throw the rest away.”

As the video continues, Mayer continues to pick up and eat the candy more rapidly, even picking a piece out of the garbage and saying that night’s “dinner is dessert.”

The company’s logo is clearly displayed as Mayer closes the box.

The last part of the video shows Mayer running on a treadmill to work off the calories from the toffee. Jim Simons, a fourth generation candy maker with Enstrom, told KJCT8 the Instagram story was a sweet surprise.

“It was a huge surprise for us. We didn’t expect him to do anything. It’s not like we sent him the candy and expected it. My brother actually sent the candy over to his manager, who he happens to be friends with, and the toffee somehow made it over to John Mayer and I guess he liked it.”