Are you looking for an event that’s all for your kids? Check out the Denver FamilyFest that’s all about kids, from all kid’s activities, entertainment and stage presentations.

This year, Jessica Jane Robinson and her Storytime with Resilience will featured at FamilyFest. Jessica comes from the arts and has merged her skill as an environmental educator, former Miss California Pageant Contestant and actress to create a graphic novel character (named Resilience!) to life in costume (which she will be wearing tomorrow).  

She specializes in school programs, where she teaches kids about recycling and how to work toward zero waste living!  She also knows the event well and can represent us and is the ideal kickoff guest.

Jessica works in California public schools with K-12 – the schools love her non-traditional approach that engages kids on their level.  Environmental science, recycling, Zero Waste – lots of words!  Jessica makes it fun and interesting, doing all her school programs in character!

Her appearances at both the FamilyFests in Colorado (she was in Colorado Springs in the fall) is part of the kick off for her new graphic novel, “Baby Resilience”, which applies what she does in the schools for younger children in book (and digital) form.  This is a follow up to her original graphic novel “Resilience Birthright”.

The Denver FamilyFest is this Saturday, February 18th at Wings of the Rockies Air & Space Museum.