MORRISON, Colo. (KDVR) – All Frank Maixner wanted to do was get his work truck back after it had been stolen from his lot at Maxx Steel Services Incorporated, located along Highway 285 in Morrison before sunrise on Thursday.

Maixner was actually out looking for his truck when he spotted it at a service station in Jefferson County.

“He tried to drive by and I rammed him with my other truck,” Maixner said. However, his truck, which had a trailer loaded with ornamental iron on it, was able to get away.

Maixner called Jefferson County’s 911 as he followed the truck from a safe distance, but that is when the suspects stopped, and opened fire on Maixner.

“It was three shots and then I backed up and then he (fired) pow, pow, pow,” said Maixner. “Luckily, he was a bad shot.”

Jefferson County deputies then began chasing the truck which had two front tires blown out.

Speeds around 70 mph were reached at multiple moments during the chase, which took place along Highway 285 on South Turkey Creek, in the area near Tiny Town.

Two separate instances of gunfire exchange occurred during the pursuit, and deputies said they continued the chase fearing that the public was at risk. They felt this way because the suspect had driven the truck into the Weaver Hollow Recreational Area, where families were gathered at the time.

“I come out here and I walked over to the corner and they went right by me. It scared me so I went back into the house and locked myself in,” Phil Sanchez said.

The suspect at the wheel of the stolen truck continued driving through the park on flat tires, even after he lost the trailer. Deputies then continued the pursuit out of the park, and shortly after, a deputy rammed the back of the truck causing the suspect to crash.

“He was moving fast he had It floored as fast as it could go with blown tires,” Doug Jakel said.

Surveillance footage, obtained by FOX31, shows the moments leading up to the crash, the moment one suspect jumps out of the immobilized vehicle’s window, and the subsequent chaos that ensued thereafter. Additionally, the second suspect allegedly crawled under the truck in an effort to escape.

A woman who lived nearby told FOX31 that she heard the crash and scrambled to get her 1-year-old child, who was sleeping in a room not far from the crash, to safety. Thankfully, no injuries were reported outside of those obtained by one of the victims.

Now, Maixner, who has been in business in the Denver area for 35 years, is hoping to get his truck and trailer back.

He’s had a lot stolen over the years and he does not want to become a victim again.