It’s Grilling Season, Here are some Usefull Grilling Hacks


It’s officially grilling season and Jenn McFerron, our lifestyle expert shows us some easy tips for mastering the grill even if you’re a novice.

First – and this may seem obvious – but you have to warm up the grill. Putting cold meat on a cold grill is a recipe for burnt outsides and raw insides.- Use hot dogs and sausages that are already pre cooked. Using precooked meats takes out a lot of the guesswork with grilling.

Fish is a great meal on the grill, but it can be delicate and end up falling through the grates. Try grilling your fish directly on lemon or lime slices. It acts as a barrier between the fish and grill grates and infuses your fish with incredible flavor.

If you worry about fire and flare ups on a grill – two tips. Use really long tongs, so it’s easy to reach and turn any food. And cover your grill grates with foil. Not only does it provide a little protection from the flame – it makes clean up easy and makes grilling veggies even easier! 

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