Quiet quitting is spreading beyond the office and according to a local professional matchmaker, Hope Rike with It’s Just Lunch shows us how to spot if our partner is calling it quits without actually saying so.

What is quiet quitting? The concept started on TikTok a few weeks ago and has spread like wildfire since then. It’s basically when an employee decides to do only what’s required in their job description, so they’re quitting the idea of going above and beyond in order to find a better work/life balance.

Hope Rike says she’s seeing this trend among couples as well. One of the biggest warning signs your date or partner is quiet quitting your romance is when they start to cut way back on how much time you’re spending together. While boundaries are good in relationships, if they’re too extreme and create more distance and distrust then balance it could spell disaster.

What do you do if you’re experiencing this? Rike says to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and if it’s truly what you need and want, then it’s best to move on.