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(KDVR) — After a high speed chase and shoot-out with police ended with Evan Ebel’s death in Texas, documents reveal investigators discovered key pieces of evidence inside his car.

Detectives found bomb-making materials and instructions, as well as surveillance equipment, and many handwritten documents — including what sources are calling a hit list.

The list allegedly targets people associated with a 2004 case that indicted and prosecuted several members of the “211 Crew,” a white supremacist gang, which Ebel’s record shows he was a member of.

The 2004 case reveals that despite being in prison, gang leaders were able to communicate orders to gang members on the outside — giving instructions to commit robberies, assaults, and even murder.

We also dug into a log detailing Ebel’s visitors while in prison. The log shows he had more than a dozen visitors while incarcerated — mostly family members and several friends.

We looked up his visitors and went to their last known addresses on Friday. While some were not home, others refused to answer their doors.

As investigators continue to piece together evidence to determine Ebel’s motive, sources tell us it is extremely unlikely that he acted alone.