Internet users look for security programs to protect themselves from NSA


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DENVER — In the wake of the NSA surveillance controversy, many Americans are worried about their personal privacy.

Now, there’s an app for that.

As details continue to emerge about the scope of the NSA’s domestic surveillance programs, many Americans are growing concerned about their privacy and tech companies are claiming to offer solutions. But, do these apps and services really work?

Denver resident Pam Silverberg says, “I’ve always been kind of concerned about the whole big brother thing.”

So, when the NSA surveillance story broke, Pam acted quickly, “I even tried to disable my cookies on my computer after this happened and then what happened is I couldn`t log into Facebook.”

The NSA news led to a surge in popularity of services and apps that offer privacy and prevent online tracking. Cybersecurity expert Charles Tendell says, “Everybody’s back to freaking out about the NSA…monitoring people more closely than what people are – for the right reasons – comfortable with.”

We asked Tendell about the influx of new privacy services and apps, like ‘SeeCrypt’ that encrypts calls and texts. He advises consumers to be wary of anything new offering security.

“They’re unvetted, they’re throwing out this information in an attempt to capitalize and market on this new uptick of privacy that everybody wants to do.  You want to test them out. Let a couple thousand more people use them before you start putting all your eggs in one basket.”

He recommends sites that have been around longer, like ‘DuckDuckGo,’ a search engine that doesn’t collect or store your data. Tendell says if you are going to use security apps, use a reliable one and use it appropriately. See his list of recommended programs here.

“This next evolution in security is welcome, it’s necessary, if you’re trying to protect your privacy, just use it!”

Still, Tendell says, no matter how secure you are, how encrypted…”It’s the Fed, so honestly, if they really want your information they’re going to get it!”

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