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PHOENIX, Ariz. (CNN) — A filmmaker claiming to be interested in police response time dressed his 16-year-old relative in a sheet, gave him a fake rocket-propelled grenade launcher and had him walk up and down a busy Arizona intersection.

Police say that filmmaker is Michael Turley. Using a technologically masked voice in the YouTUbe video, the filmmaker said his concerns regrading police response time stem from the Aurora theater and Columbine shootings.

“I want to find out how the Phoenix Police Department responds to emergency situations,” the filmmaker said.

The response time, the narrator claims, is 14 minutes. Police disagree, saying they responded much faster.

“Once the call was actually put out by dispatch, the actual response time was about three and a half minutes,” Phoenix Police spokesman James Holmes said. (The name of that spokesman is not a misprint.)

Turley founded the Phoenix production company Summit Star Films and Entertainment. According to his Facebook page, he’s also a master hypnotist and magician.

His latest project did not impress police.

“That’s a terrorist incident,” Holmes said. “We don’t use grenade launchers in this country.”