The original Halloween movie as well as Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 are currently playing in theaters throughout Denver in honor of Halloween. The Halloween films are by far the most successful and most popular horror movies to watch in the Halloween season.

Ryan Freimann, one of the executive producers of several movies in the Halloween movie franchise and the most recent in the series, Halloween Ends shares some of the inside scoop on the classic Halloween films.

The franchise now has 13 films in total, including Halloween Ends. The original Halloween was released back in 1978 at a theater in Kansas City and it was made for only about $300,000.

“Halloween Ends” is now open in theaters nationwide.  The remastered version of the “Halloween” will play at the Movie Tavern in Aurora TONIGHT at 9pm.  For more information about the re-release and a full list of theater locations – head to “cinelife entertainment dot com.