Increasing in Dogs Biting Kids During the Pandemic


recent article showed that Children’s Hospital Colorado’s emergency department saw cases of dogs biting children surge during COVID-19, with nearly three times as many dog bite cases during the spring of 2020 compared to the same time period last year.  

While it is well known that the number of dog bites tends to increase during the spring and summer months, this year’s rates of emergency department visits due to dog bites have been startling, according to Dr. Cinnamon Dixon.

They said sheltering in place may have led to increased child-dog exposure, with the amount of supervision of children (who are already at the highest risk of being bit by dogs) and dogs may be slipping as adults juggle more responsibilities at home.

However, there are practical and simple tips to maximize the safety of toddlers and young children in the home, which Tanya Lim, the founder and head trainer at Family Pupz, a dog training and doggy doula services company, will outline for worried parents.

Tranya Lim with Family Pupz will be hosting a puppy socialization and training class this Sunday and is encouraging everyone to participate.

What: Puppy Socialization & Training Class at the Watering Bowl

When (day and time): Sunday 9/20 at 10AM

Where: The Watering Bowl, 5411 Leetsdale Dr, Denver, CO 80246

Cost: “Pay What You Can” to support those that are struggling during COVID-19

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