GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — The stakes are always high for search and rescue crews, especially when temperatures are also high.

When crews hit the ground on their missions, the heat is on in more ways than one.

“It’s Colorado, the weather is going to change and that is the only constant in the Colorado environment,” Roman Bukary from Douglas County Search and Rescue said.

Bukary said the heat is just another condition where their job compels rescue crews to be prepared.

“That means that they have good nutrition, that means that they have adequate hydration for themselves and for anyone that we may need to respond to,” Bukary said.

The heat might make them break a sweat, but there’s no sweat when it comes to the mission at hand, whatever it may be.

“We respond regardless of terrain, regardless of the weather, regardless of why we’re activated,” Bukary said.

If you plan to be out or don’t have a choice but to be out, rescue crews urge people to be ready.

“It’s as simple and as easy as that, just be safe,” Bukary said.

It is a busy search and rescue season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Crews said, as much as you should respect the environment and the dangers it could pose in a worst-case scenario, to also respect the weather and how it could change.