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DENVER — The arrest of an undocumented immigrant in Denver on Wednesday morning is raising concerns among a network of immigration advocacy groups in Colorado.

A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says an undocumented immigrant male from Guatemala was detained around six in the morning on Wednesday during a routine enforcement operation.

ICE officers stopped a van near an apartment complex on South Federal Blvd in southwest Denver. According to a statement, a person inside the van matched the description of a man targeted by the agency.

All five people inside the van were questioned. Four were released. The man from Guatemala was determined to be an ICE fugitive and was detained.

ICE also says the intended target of the operation was not located.

Immigration advocates are criticizing how the operation went down.

“(ICE) questions them without a warrant, without probable cause. We think that’s problematic. It’s bad for our constitution. It’s contrary to our values. It creates fear and mistrust in our communities locally,” explained Jennifer Piper with the Colorado Rapid Response Network.

Piper says they are asking anyone with information about the operation or anyone involved to contact their group at 1-844-864-8342.

ICE says the individual detained Wednesday was ordered to be deported by a federal immigration judge in 2016. the agency says they could not release any more information about his background for privacy reasons.