DENVER (KDVR) — How protected are you on the road? The latest numbers from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association show more than 16% of Colorado drivers are uninsured, 4% higher than the national average.

Insurance experts said it is important to maintain proper coverage to ensure protection against expenses associated with accidents.

Regina Valdivia’s car was struck by another driver near Jewell Avenue and Decatur Street in Denver. She expected the driver’s insurance company to cover her expenses, which amounted to more than $1,700. However, he could not be located by his carrier.

“We do everything the right way and I carry [insurance], don’t go anywhere without it and it’s just frustrating that other people don’t live by the way you do,” said Valdivia.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Association told the Problem Solvers, insurance companies are required by law to offer policies that protect against uninsured or underinsured drivers, including those that just disappear.

The coverage is optional for the customer.

Insurance expert Kim Alire of Risk Management Partners told the Problem Solvers every driver should check their policy to ensure they have enough coverage.

“We always write policies that have the same underinsured motorist bodily injury limit that we have for the liability limit,” she said. “So, if you have 100, 300 on your liability, we do 100, 300 on uninsured motorists as well.”

The Department Of Regulatory Agencies told FOX31 that if the driver who was hit has collision coverage or uninsured motorist, property damage coverage their insurer should cover the claim, subject to any deductibles.

An insurance company cannot increase the premium or non-renew the policy as a result of a not-at-fault accident.

Insurance companies that don’t offer uninsured driver coverage can be reported.

Contact the Colorado Division of Insurance Consumer Services Team at 303-894-7490, email or visit and click on “File a complaint.”

Be sure to document any accident with pictures and video and contact police to make a report right away.