Currently there are a lot of uncertainty, especially with interest rates rising and possible recession in the near future.

Although it’s hard to determine recession proof roles, but there are jobs out there that have the lowest unemployment rate and that are considered in high demand no mater the status of the economy.

Eric Olson, District Director with Robert Half shares some roles with the lowest unemployment and jobs that you may want to consider to whether the possible recession.

Roles below represent demand nationally, according to Robert Half:

  • Accounting/finance: Accounts payable, staff and senior accountants, payroll professionals, entry-level accountants, medical billing/collections.
  • nurses, Healthcare providers are hiring medical customer service representatives, patient registration coordinators.
  • Network and cloud administrators; database administrators and developers; software engineers and developers; technology professionals with experience in security, data science and business intelligence.
  • Hot areas for hiring at law firms include commercial law, family law, litigation, M&A, intellectual property, trust and estate law, and real estate. Demand for litigation expertise, including trial preparation, document review and eDiscovery, is particularly strong as courts reopen, resume in-person proceedings and address backlogged cases.
  • Call center and customer service representatives are needed to support high volumes of customer contact and provide an enhanced customer experience.
  • continue to be in high demand as companies ramp up efforts to attract top candidates.
  • teachers  
  • Marketing/creative: Front-end web developers; UX and UI designers; digital marketing specialists; marketing analytics managers; copywriters and graphic designers; professionals with experience in content strategy, customer experience and project management.

Some tips for those who are worried about layoffs:

  • Dust off their resume
  • Identify and strengthen soft skills and hard skills
  • Focus and transferable skills
  • Connect with peers and company leaders on social media networks
  • Reach out to staffing professionals