How to convince your boss to continue working from home


Raj Subrameyer, Tech Career Strategist and author of Skyrocket Your Career shares some tips on how to convince your boss to let you work from home amid the Delta variant surge.

Some of Subrameyer’s tips include:

·  How to have an open conversation about how uncomfortable it makes you feel returning to the office knowing that there are more chances of contracting the Delta variant at work because of a large number of people than at home. 

·  Mention that you are ready to come into the office on a case by case basis for high priority meetings and team activities

·  Assure your boss that you will always be available during work hours to make sure there are no bottlenecks in the team because of you

·  Mention that it is hard to know who is vaccinated in the office if there are no requirements to show proof of vaccination

·  Finally, highlight how productivity and work would be affected if you contract the delta variant and would be unavailable for two weeks to recover. 

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