How often do you wash your pajamas? Expert ‘horrified’ at results of poll


(Credit: ErgoFlex)

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LONDON — The time men and women wear their pajamas without washing them has “horrified” at least one expert.

The Daily Mail reports a new poll states the average man wears his pajamas for nearly two weeks before washing them and the average woman for about 17 days.

Hygiene expert Sally Bloomfield tells The Daily Mail that doing so can cause skin infections, cystitis and MRSA because of all the skin cells and other bacteria that can get into cuts and other areas where they don’t belong.

The poll by mattress company Ergoflex stated that women’s biggest excuse for not washing more often was because they alternate several pairs of pajamas.

Men say they don’t wash pajamas regularly because they just don’t wear them but a few hours per night.

Experts say pajamas should be washed at least once a week.

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