How are Travelers Redefining Travel in 2021


COVID-19 has had a profound impact on travel in 2020 — and as we look to 2021, these impacts will continue to be felt in a number of ways. 

Liz DeBold Fusco with AirbnB breaks down what the traveling trends will be in 2021.

Remote working and remote schooling will continue to upend traditional vacation seasons and blur the lines between working and traveling. From July to September this year, there has been a 128 percent increase in guest reviews mentioning “relocation”, “relocate”, “remote work” and “trying a new neighborhood” in comparison to the same time frame last year. 

Safety and cleanliness will continue to be top of mind for travelers, driving a preference for private, entire homes over crowded hotels.

International travel will continue to be impacted, especially long haul travel.

And finally, having been isolated for much of 2020, people will want to use travel to reconnect with friends and family in safe and controlled ways. This September, there were more than twice as many wish lists including family in the title compared to last year, showing that guests are traveling to be close to family members, or reuniting to quarantine with a group of friends. And for those who can’t be with loved ones in person, they can connect while apart through Online Experiences. 
Overall, In 2021, travel will continue to be less about tourism and more about living, working and connecting safely away from home. 

Airbnb is ideally suited to meet these changing needs, whether providing an entire home to take a break from the city, to reconnect with loved ones or to try out a new neighborhood to move to. Our platform allows anyone with space to share to tap into these trends and earn some extra needed income.

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