BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — The City of Boulder issued a warning to residents about mountain lions. Officials said the lions increase their activity in the winter.

If it’s colder out, the odds of seeing a mountain lion go up, even if they are breeding year-round.

“They can increase activity in the winter time, mostly because of prey animals,” said Joey Livingston, with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Mountain lions feed on prey like deer, elk and small mammals, all of which are easier to hunt in the winter.

“Prey animals will start hunkering down and not moving as much,” Livingston said. “Easier to track for the mountain lions when there’s snow on the ground.”

CPW assured people that mountain lion attacks on humans are very rare.

“You still want to be cautious when you’re outdoors,” Livingston said, “especially in the mornings and evenings. That’s when they’re more active.”

What to do if you see a mountain lion

It is important to know: If you do come across one of these cats, to them, you’re the scary one.

“From the lion’s perspective, we’re very odd creatures. We walk upright, we wear weird colors,” Livingston said.

It is in their nature to run after their prey, so despite how weird we are to them, you don’t want to run from a mountain lion.

“It’s very important to not turn your back and run from the lion. This can trigger some of its chase instincts,” Livingston said.

Raise your voice and make loud noises to keep the mountain lions from approaching you.

“You want to be the predator,” Livingston said. “You want to make yourself look big and intimidating to the lion.”

Parks and Wildlife said a coat could be helpful to make you look bigger and scare away any approaching mountain lion.

If you do see one, you’ll want to report it to CPW so the animal can be tracked.