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DENVER (KDVR) — After a cool and wet May on the Front Range, a warmer and drier weather pattern is moving in for the next couple weeks.

There were 17 days in June of 2020 that were at or above 90 degrees, ultimately leading to a record hot summer in Denver. Denver had 75 days at or above 90 degrees in 2020 which broke the record for the most days above 90 degrees in a year.

The end of spring this year in Denver has been very different from last year with less heat and several months in a row of above average precipitation. But will this trend continue into June?

As of right now, the simple answer is no. At least for the first half of June, many signs point to hot temperatures and not a lot of precipitation.

The graph below shows the temperature trend in Denver above the average high of 79 degrees for at least the next 10 days.

The temperature and precipitation outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center beyond the next 10 days show a similar hot and dry pattern ahead.

The 8 to 14 day temperature outlook shows a high chance of warmer than average temperatures from June 10 through June 16th. That’s not to say we couldn’t see a cooler day or two but the overall trend is showing that the majority of temperatures during that time are expected to be warm for us in Colorado.

The 8 to 14 day precipitation outlook shows a chance of drier than average precipitation for Colorado from June 10 through June 16.

An average June in Denver brings just under 2 inches of precipitation.