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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Right now the federal center in Lakewood is home for hundreds of federal workers. But if all goes according to plan the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless will also be able to provide shelter for 1,000 homeless people and families there in the future.

Fifty-nine acres have been set aside to provide temporary, and then permanent housing for people in need in Lakewood and Jefferson County.

The initial proposal was approved by the federal government in January. Now the finance plan has been sent in for approval.

If all goes according to plan, it will still take time for the Renaissance Village to bloom. Just like the bulbs in Mel Johnston’s garden. She has lived near the federal center for 52 years. “I am not opposed, I’m not 100% in favor. There are a lot of questions still out there.”

The city of Lakewood is opposed. Mayor Adam Paul said, “The size and scope of what is currently being proposed does not follow the multiple plans our residents have previously envisioned for this site.”

Those words, however, may fall on deaf ears as the federal government is not obligated by law to consider the host city’s concerns.