Hit-and-run witness speaks out, police still looking for driver

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Isaac Wak Wak, may have broken both his legs and arms… but his family knows it could all be worse after someone hit him and left him for dead.

“It’s unbelievable that he is still here with us,” said Diane Yankton, Issac’s sister.

Isaac’s sister, Diane, found it even more unbelievable after revisiting the scene today.

“As he was crossing the street to get into his car, a little race car, a souped-up race car, come barrelling down the street and hit him,” Yankton said.

STORY: Man severely injured by hit-and-run driver at Stock Show; police looking for driver

“We heard the screech, the thunk and then McKala say, ‘Call 911,” Karen Nickle witness said.

Karen Nickle and her daughter McKala witnessed the hit and run, and were the first to respond.

“When I did get into the street I could see the car,” Nickle said, “And then you heard it switch gears and it left.”

She also saw brake lights, but only for a second.

That’s when they turned their attention to Isaac… helping reroute traffic and protect him until first resonders arrived.

“If it wasn’t for them he could have gotten injured even more,” Yankton said.

It’s why the family arranged this meeting today… along with another one, at the hospital with Isaac.

Yankton said, “He just was so happy to see them. He said, ‘You know I owe you so much.'”

After witnessing his accident, they were also grateful for the meeting.

“It kind of made me relax. I haven’t been able to sleep and she hasn’t been able to sleep, and it made me relax. It was like, he’s okay,” said Nickle.

“They’re like little angels, you know, when they walked into the hospital room I just said, you two are the ones who actually took care of him. You saved him, you protected him from other cars running into him because he was just laying there in the dark,” Yanton said.

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