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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A bicyclist clings to life after a driver allegedly hit him and took off–only to call Lakewood police nearly an hour later.

It happened about 4:34 a.m. Wednesday on S. Wadsworth Blvd. just south of Ohio Ave.

Police say the bicyclist is lucky other drivers didn’t hit him as he lay in the southbound lanes of traffic.

“There is a male in the middle of the road, head is bleeding. It doesn’t appear he is breathing,” says a 911 dispatcher on the website Radio Reference.

Police find the unconscious 58-year-old and his broken bicycle–but no sign of the vehicle that hit him.

“How many uh patrol vehicles do we have looking in the neighborhood right now for this car?” asks a police officer in the 911 recording.

Police search.

Then, 51 minutes later, a break.

“We know the female on the phone calling from 620 S. Vance St. at One Belmar Place saying that she hit something on the way home and doesn’t know what it is,” says the dispatcher.

Police then find the suspect’s car parked in a garage just a couple blocks away at an apartment complex.

The whole windshield is shattered–a huge hole in the middle and damage to the hood and bumper.

“We certainly expect anybody who had that kind of damage, to not only know they’d been in an accident, but to stopped immediately to see what or who, as in this case, they may have hit,” says Lakewood Police Sgt. Randy McNitt.

Police arrest Catherine Bean, 22, for several crimes, including leaving the scene of an accident–even though she eventually called police.

“Even though the suspect called us, it was about 50 minutes later. State law requires you stop and remain at scene of an accident,” says McNitt.

Neighbors say what bean did was inexcusable.

“If you hit somebody, you stay there. You don’t leave the scene. Definitely don’t call after the fact, you call the ambulance right then,” says Thomas Benton.

And don’t leave an unconscious man’s fate to other drivers–who do stop and call for help.

The victim is at Saint Anthony Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Bean faces charges of vehicular assault, dui, careless driving and failure to remain at the scene of an accident.