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AURORA, Colo. — Two men were shot and killed outside an apartment building Friday night, the Aurora Police Department said.

An active investigation continued Saturday at the scene where multiple people were shot, including a police officer.

The officer was treated and released from the hospital. He was recovering at home Saturday.

A juvenile shooting victim was hospitalized and receiving treatment.

The suspect was shot in the exchange of gunfire with the officer. The suspect was also hospitalized.

Police responded to a disturbance near 19th Avenue and Peoria Street.

A spokesman said one officer was shot in an exchange of gunfire. The officer was taken to University of Colorado Hospital and he will recover.

“The officer was hit in the bulletproof vest,” the spokesman said.

Another officer was involved in a traffic accident and will also be OK.

The spokesman said when officers arrived, there were multiple parties who had been shot and were down in an alley. One of those victims was a juvenile.

It was after that when officers encountered an armed suspect and gunfire was exchanged. Police said the suspect was in custody and there was no danger to the community Friday night.

The spokesman didn’t know how many other people were injured and he didn’t have conditions for anyone other than the two officers.