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DENVER — Just days after a Colorado billboard put on the back of her husband’s pickup truck asking for a kidney donation went viral, a group is bringing together the people who helped get the word out.

Earlier this week, Michelle Stewart spoke publicly about the worldwide attention she’s received after a person uploaded a photo of the plea for help.

“I was amazed that it could be so widespread,” said Stewart. The Henderson resident had no idea who the person was that snapped the now famous photo of her husband’s truck with the words “Wife Needs Kidney.”

On Thursday, the American Transplant Foundation hosted a fundraiser and brought Stewart and the anonymous picture poster face-to-face.

“All I did was post a picture, a few mouse clicks, next thing I know … it’s this,” said Matthew Wyatt, just moments before he was introduced to the woman he hopes will soon have a new kidney.

People who are interested in helping are encouraged to contact the American Transplant Foundation.