Sitting around? Try exercising for 11 minutes each day


DENVER (KDVR) — By now, many of you who have been working from home during the pandemic should know how out-of-whack our bodies can get from sitting inside all day.

Well, a new medical study is offering up a simple solution that could help you get back in tune! And the best part? It will only take you 11 minutes.

The study, which followed nearly 50,000 men and women between 4 – 14.5 years, shows the average person spends about eight to 10 hours sitting down each day and anywhere from eight to 35 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.

As we all know, sitting idle and not exercising can lead to obesity-related issues and even cause death.

According to the new research, even just going for an 11-minute stroll could decrease your chances of facing those threats by upwards of 260%.

The study also highlights: the ‘sweet-spot’ for physical activity is around 35 minutes a day.

But fitness instructors in Denver say, ‘why stop there’?

“I think that if you are sitting for eight to 10 hours for your job everyday, I think if you can push it more towards the 60 minute range, that would be fantastic,” said Jillian Keaveny, co-owner of Compass Fitness in Denver.

Keaveny says whether you’re exercising for 11 minutes or 60 minutes each day, there are simple workouts you can do – even from home.

“Just as easy as going back to the original,” Keaveny explained. “Like push-ups and squats and lunges – all of that is easy to do and you don’t need any equipment. And if you have a couch you can put your foot up on the back and doing lunges that way”.

It’s not just physical activity that’ll help you figure out a routine, Keaveny adds, but mental clarity also.

“What I recommend is: make an appointment with yourself. Put yourself in your calendar, just like you would anything else — and hold yourself to that,” Keaveny said.

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