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DENVER — Jourdan Baldwin joined Deb Takahara and Erika Gonzalez at the Channel 2 News studios to talk about something all three women enjoy: Running!

Baldwin is a Colorado native, former cross country athlete, the cofounder of the Fresh Fitness app, and a personal trainer at Pura Vida in Cherry Creek.

She shared her best marathon training advice. Watch the video to hear more on her top six tips.

Tip #1: Test your love of running before you commit to a race.

Tip #2: Use good running shoes.

Tip #3: Don’t skip your long runs.

Tip #4: It’s OK to stop training and skip out on the race.

Tip #5: Use a customized training plan designed by a professional if you can.

Tip #6: Carry water and snacks during your long runs.

Baldwin also talked about the reason people may gain weight after training for and running a marathon.

“When you run, if you are not doing any sort of strength training,  you can lose muscle. Then when you stop training you’ve lost muscle and then you are wondering why you’re gaining weight. It’s because you don’t have the muscle mass and faster metabolism,” explained Baldwin.

She recommends one to two days of strength training while training for a marathon. Baldwin also shared three core workouts that should be a part of a marathon training program.

Check out this video for details:

You can reach Baldwin via email here. You can also learn more about her Fresh Fitness App by following this link.