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DENVER — We sit at our desks in front of a computer screen for hours and sometimes our neck, back and shoulders pay the price.

Doctors say the main cause is poor posture from leaning forward while seated. Poor posture caused by a lack of ergonomics in the workplace can also worsen injuries that already exist.

Doctors say the Alignmed shirt can prevent injury and even treat existing injuries by improving posture.

The shirt has built in straps made of material that actually stimulates your muscles and nerves.

Dr. Joanne Halbrecht of the Boulder Institute For Sports Medicine says, “It brings your neck into a better position … and changes your center of gravity to a more normal center or gravity so it relieves neck back and shoulder pain.”

In fact, many patients who wear the Alignmed shirt end up needing 50 percent fewer physical therapy sessions and some even avoid having to have surgery to correct problems caused poor posture or neck and back injuries.

The shirt is designed to wear underneath clothing so patients can utilize its benefits throughout the day.