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Most people will have issues with sensitive teeth at some point in their lives.

Most people will have issues with sensitive teeth at some point in their lives.

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DENVER — Having sensitive teeth makes it difficult to enjoy warm weather treats, but you don’t have to limit yourself to straw-friendly smoothies.

Medical experts say  there are many things that can cause your enamel to wear down, and make your teeth extra sensitive. Harsh chemicals and physical damage can cause the problem.

Dr. Daniel Wilson of the University of Colorado says “almost every adult has this problem at some time in their life, it tends to  come and go.”

Doctors say you may have sensitive teeth if you can`t enjoy warm food or sip your favorite cup of coffee. If the problem lasts for more than a couple of weeks, it’s time to make an appointment with your dentist.

Dr. Wilson says, “you need to rule out things like cavities, defective restoration cracks in the teeth.”

Medical experts say you can protect your enamel by avoiding soft drinks and acidic foods like lemons.  A successful treatment is available that is brushed onto the teeth, created a barrier for patients.

“Protect” is one brand name used by Dr. Steven WIlk of the Center for Headache and Sleep Disorders.

“It covers up the pores in the teeth that actually transmit the nerve impulses,” he says. “There are pores in the roots of the teeth. It allows us to feel temperature because we should be able to feel it, not over-feel it.”

For more information about how to keep your teeth healthy you can visit  the American Dental Association at  and the University of Colorado Hospital at Information about Dr. Wilk’s practice is located at .

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