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DENVER (KDVR) — Restaurants are trying to survive by offering drive-thru and takeout, but that does not mean health codes have changed.

Panera Bread, a frequent “A” grade on our Restaurant Report Card, showed us how they have improved procedures and policies to deliver safe food.

At the Panera Bread on West 64th Avenue in Arvada, a steady stream of customers are driving through to pick up their favorites. The to-go order bags are now sealed shut to protect the food.

“Once we have put all the proper products in the bag, we are getting those bags sealed and we make sure no one else touches the bag besides you. We want to make sure we have protected the items in the bag as well as guests picking it up,” Panera District Manager Cindy Tayler said.

Inside, employees keep their distance as they prepare orders. The chain said they reviewed hand washing, single-use glove policies and sanitizing demands with all employees.

“One of the things Panera has been very diligent in doing, in order to change some of our policies to protect our guests and associations in our communities, is we have timers in place in all of the cafes and in all of the areas to make sure we are sanitizing within every 30 minutes,” Tayler said.

Panera said they are also adding hand sanitizer stands and anti-microbial covers to separate employees from food. The bread and sandwich company also talked about their employee travel policies.

“We have some very specific policies within our health program. If you have done any travel, if you have been out of your own community, we are not allowing you to come to work,” said Tayler.

The restaurant chain could soon serve your neighborhood by expanding its delivery radius, plus offer dairy and produce.

“We are also talking about a potential grocery option so we can support our communities with groceries in the near future. We are thinking outside the box and we have a street fighter mentality right now about doing everything we possibly can to not only protect our guests and make sure we are not only their favorite place to eat but, we also are the safest place they can eat,” Tayler said.

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