Rafting season is here: How to stay safe this summer

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IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. — With the temperatures warming up, many people are now flocking to the waters for rafting, but it’s important to stay safe.

Ron Raudelunas, owner of Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting, said you should first pick a reputable rafting company with experienced guides.

“The least experience in my company is 10 years,” said Raudelunas.

He said make sure you have the proper gear, including a wet suit.

“This is going to retain your body heat,” said Raudelunas.

He also said you should have a light rain jacket, shoes that fit, a life jacket and a helmet.

“The State of Colorado requires that you wear a helmet on class four or better,” he said.

Raudelunas also said before you get in the water, get informed.

“If you’ve been educated properly on all the safety information, you’ve been educated on how to paddle and you’re actually doing it right. You’re going to have a really great time,” said Raudelunas.

His guides give a short class before the raft even touches the water so when people will be ready for the rapids.

“Safety makes it fun. If we’re safe, we can create a fun environment,” he said.

Yvonne Miller is one rafter who came from Florida.

“It was awesome. It was a total awesome trip of a lifetime. Never done it before, I’m glad I did,” said Miller.

Raudelunas also said if you end up out of the raft, swim to shore aggressively and never try to stand up because you won’t be able to walk yourself out of fast moving waterways.

Visit the Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting website for more information.

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