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DENVER — New technology at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center is the only one of its kind in the U.S.

Even to the untrained eye, it’s easy to see how the operating room is different from most.

“All the technology that you see in this room is brand-new to the area. No other hospital has it,” Kirsten Murphy said.

The combination of a cutting-edge scan system paired with a brain navigation system makes the room unique. It’s called a smart operating room.

“This big scanner that you see here, the big idea is that when we’re doing surgery, we can confirm right here in the room to make sure that everything that we’ve done is exactly the way we want it,” Murphy said.

Using screens around the room, medical professionals are able to see things in 3D, instead of the usual 2D. The scan system can be used in the middle of a surgery and the steel walls help prevent infections.

Murphy’s job is to make sure the room stays up and running.

She says the medical advancements are remarkable, but her favorite part is the ability to welcome patients in with scenes and tranquil settings rather than images of scans everywhere.