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DENVER — Police want parents to pay extra attention to the Halloween candy their kids collect this year, now that marijuana edibles are legal.

The key is figuring out what to look for.

Police say they don’t have any reason to believe this will happen, but it’s something that could even happen by mistake.

“With edibles gaining in popularity we thought it was important to alert the community to the possibility that it`s easy to mistake what looks like regular candy with a marijuana edible,” says Denver police spokesman Lt. Matt Murray.

Denver police put together a public service announcement with a marijuana retailer that warns parents this year’s candy could have a “treat” not found in previous years’ candy… it could be infused with marijuana.

“The problem is that some of these candies look so familiar to candies we’ve eaten as a child there is no way to tell if a product is infused or not,” Murray says.

The similarities between candy sold at your local dispensary and regular candy which you can give to children are striking.

The regular safeguards are a good place to start.

” I just check them when we get home to make sure they are wrapped,” says mom Crystal Fidel. “My husband goes through the candy, we both do. It does [cause concern] because they are children and they don`t know the difference between medical marijuana and candy, so it does concern me.”