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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A gynecologic oncologist at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood said she is seeing more late-stage cervical cancer cases because so many women put off their screening tests during the pandemic.

“Screening went down drastically during the pandemic, especially during the times of lockdown,” Dr. Allison Staley said.

Additionally, she said as women skipped their PAP and HPV tests, some cancers, or abnormalities went undiagnosed, and now she is seeing more late-stage cancers.

“The majority of them are further along, they are more advanced, and we’re seeing that people are having to have additional hospitalization for further work up and treatment,” Staley said.

For some people with advanced cancer, their only option may be chemotherapy and radiation.

“Catching it early is always better,” Staley said.

She said she hopes that women will get their screenings, and that anyone with abnormal results will follow up quickly.