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LOVELAND, Colo. — Groundbreaking technology comes to Colorado that will finally help you get rid of your reading glasses.

Eye Center of Northern Colorado will be the first in the state and one of the first in the nation to offer the KAMRA procedure. Dr. Gary Foster was one of just 12 physicians in the country to participate in the clinical trials for the KAMRA inlay.

Thursday, he will perform the procedure on five patients.

It’s one that could help over 114 million people in the U.S. who in the past had been told they couldn’t be helped.

Georgia Harris is like so many people in their forties.

“As I was maturing, my vision started to disintegrate a little. I wore cheaters to read and do eyebrow waxing,” said the owner of Fort Collins salon, Bees Knees.

But unlike most, she found a revolutionary solution after she’d had enough of reading glasses.

“I was always looking for my glasses all the time. I could never find them when I needed them,” say said. “There were little piles of them all around the house.”

She was one of 14 patients who joined forces with Dr. Foster for a clinical trial five years ago to restore near vision. It’s a condition called presbyopia that affects people as they age.

“Every year we’re alive, the lens inside our eye becomes less elastic. So it won’t focus as much. What most people don’t know is a one-year-old can make this come into focus. At two, they can’t. It’s here. And at three, and at four, and at five. We don’t notice that steady loss has happened throughout our entire life,” said Dr. Foster.

Now, those with failing near vision can rely on the FDA-approved procedure, KAMRA inlay.

Dr. Foster implants a small disc with a hole in it inside the cornea. It’s smaller and thinner than a contact lens. The ring focuses light coming into the eye for sharper vision, while maintaining distance vision too.

“I have been an eye doctor in Colorado for 20 years now. And year after year, I’ve had to turn people away for this specific problem. And now I don’t have to anymore,” said Dr. Foster. He called it an amazing and blessed day.

For Harris, it means liking what and how she sees.

“I can even read the small print in the phone book,” she said.

For now, Dr. Foster is the only physician in the state performing the procedure. And he said it will last a lifetime.

The cost is about $3,900.