New app allows women to get birth control without going into a doctor’s office

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DENVER — Lauren Olson had just moved to Denver when she realized she was about to run out of birth control pills.

“I was just starting a new job, so I didn’t want to take time off work to go to a doctor. I wasn’t sure what doctors I could go to yet because I was just getting enrolled in my new health insurance,” Olson said.

So she decided to try Nurx, an app and website that just launched in Colorado. On the app, she answered a medical questionnaire.

“They ask if you’ve had your blood pressure measured in the last six months, if you have a history of headaches, strokes, liver conditions,” she said.

Then a doctor or nurse practitioner licensed in Colorado reviewed the information and gave her a prescription.

“The whole process took maybe 20 minutes,” she said.

Her pills arrived at her home in a matter of days.

“The process was really easy,” she said.

That’s good news to the medical director of Nurx.

“Somewhere around 50 percent of pregnancies are unintended,” Dr. Jessica Knox said.

She wants to make sure birth control is more accessible for women and teens.

“There is nothing that you are missing in our app that you would be getting in a physical office or at the pharmacy,” Knox said.

Nurx accepts insurance, but the uninsured can get birth control for $15 a month.

But not everyone is OK with the app.

“Colorado parents should be alarmed and outraged that their sacred, God-given authority to protect their minor children and raise and nurture them as they see fit, is being further undermined by unscrupulous adults,” American Right to Life said in a statement.

“Making oral contraceptives available to minor girls, as young as 12, without parental input is not only immoral but makes them even more vulnerable to human trafficking, which is currently at epidemic levels.”

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