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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – It’s a Netflix approach to health care.  PeakMed is a direct primary care model, which means they do not accept insurance.

Instead, patients pay a monthly membership, and can see their doctor as often as they like. For adults the monthly membership is $79, for a family of four its $239.

With that, patients can get appointments within 24 hours. Doctors say they want to focus on quality, not quantity.  They see about 10 patients a day, as opposed to 20 or 25.

Darci Mondy is a mother of three from Lone Tree who brought her son in for an appointment. “I can just call or text, and they get him in right away,” she said.

Plus patients can call, text or email their physician. “If there’s something wrong with you, you want to call your doctor. Don`t go to Google. Don’t go to Web MD. It’s call your doctor,” said Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder of PeakMed.

He says many of their patients have high deductible health insurance, but come to PeakMed for primary care. “If you are diagnosed with cancer, or you need to have a surgery, you want to have insurance,” he said.

There are multiple companies offering this model of service in Colorado, and some doctors see this as the future.