How to help if COVID-19 precautions at college are adding to sense of isolation


DENVER (KDVR) — With all the COVID-19 restrictions in place at Colorado colleges, some students may be feeling anxious or isolated.

“I’m doing the best that I can,” said Shu Lee, a senior at University of Colorado Boulder who takes her classes online.“I live alone, so I’m just by myself, and typically don’t see anybody  unless it’s — again — online.”

Lee says she finds creative ways to connect with her friends and family, but she fears the isolation is taking a toll on others.

“I’ve definitely heard people kind of feeling the effects of isolation on their motivation, of getting up and getting out of bed even, and then also just the fear about the future,” she said.

Experts say this is a common issue right now.

“The levels of anxiety that they are experiencing are so high right now, and it’s impacting their mental health, their physical health,” said psychologist Glenn Most, the executive director of West Pines Behavioral Health.

Many students are isolating to some degree in their dorm rooms and taking classes online.

“It’s important to talk to people, maintain your connection to people,” Most said.

He supports the Let’s Talk Colorado campaign, which encourages people to seek emotional support if they are struggling, and encourages others to check in on their friends.

That’s something with which Lee agrees.

“I’d just encourage everyone to really engage with their support systems in creative ways,” she said.

If you need information or resources, go to Let’s Talk Colorado’s website.

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