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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Lindsey Chadwick with the Colorado Children’s Program at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation discussed the options the program is offering for children in families with addiction to deal with stress during the pandemic.

Children in homes where addiction is prevalent face numerous obstacles and even more so during this pandemic. Chadwick said the program has a virtual program for children ages 7-12, ongoing services for alumni family and support for caregivers.

The program contributed to the creation of a Sesame Street character named Karli whose mother struggles with addiction. “Sesame Street approached our national director, Jerry Moe, to help consult with Karli. They really wanted to make sure they got the language right and understood really what kids were going through,” Chadwick said.

“So he was able to consult with them on how kids are experiencing things and feeling and how to help kids in that situation,” she said.

The program has their own comic book series character, Beamer, whose parents are both struggling with addiction. They use the material to help kids do activities related to his life.