DENVER (KDVR) — Air quality and ozone alerts are likely to continue throughout the coming summer months because of the combination of smoke from wildfires, severe heat and fumes from increasing traffic in the metro area.

Visitors standing at the overlook at U.S. 36 were unable to get a good view of Long’s Peak and Mt. Meeker because of the thick haze in the air.

“You get things we call nitrogen oxide, and together they react on a bright sunny day like we have today to form ozone,” Dr. Joost de Gouw of the University of Colorado said.

How to protect health during bad air quality days

Dr. Anthony Gerber of National Jewish Health told the Problem Solvers that those with respiratory disorders should be extra cautious during air quality and ozone alert days.

“It can make them more short of breath if they have other kinds of lung disease,” Gerber said. He added that the best way to minimize symptoms is to avoid time outside as much as possible.

“If you stay inside, you are largely protected from ozone because it’s so volatile that when it hits a painted surface or the inside of your house, it dissipates,” Gerber said.

Experts told FOX31 that windows and doors should be properly sealed. Anyone experiencing problems breathing should seek medical attention.